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Welcome to My Site, where we are passionate about serving our community and helping people spread the word about their upcoming events! Our blog page is the perfect place to get to know us a little better. We love meeting new people and making new friends, so be sure to say hello if you see us out and about. We believe in uplifting and supporting one another, and we strive to create a positive atmosphere wherever we go.

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End of the year 2023

Updated: Jan 24

We would like to express my gratitude to all of our customers this year! We started in September with a 10 ft by 10ft food trailer but soon sold it to get our red trailer because we quickly outgrew the yellow one. The yellow trailer taught us how to work closely together and maximize our space. Our new red trailer is still being perfected. We plan to turn it into a little red caboose that serves freshly squeezed lemonade right in front of you, allowing you to watch from start to finish. Our soft and warm pretzels were a hit, and we will continue to serve them with our lemonade. We plan to add kettle corn. We have some amazing ideas for specialty popcorn that we feel you will love. If everything goes as planned, we will reopen around March in 2024, weather permitting. In the Midwest, you never know what the weather will hold. We are also in the process of joining the Leavenworth, KS Farmers Market and would like to be a part of the Amelia Earhart Festival in Atchison, KS. Keep an eye out we will be soon posting our locations at which Flea markets, and events. We also plan to set up at some nearby auctions. We are creating a fundraiser sheet for schools to earn money for students by selling popcorn and receiving 50% of their sales. It's a great way to give back to our community. Thank you for taking the time to read our blogs. Until next time, we hope you have an amazing day! ----ALLEYWAY

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