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Welcome to Alleyway Crafted Flavors! We take pride in offering a wide range of premium services that are sure to satisfy your needs. Take a moment to discover what we have in store for you and experience the best that we have to offer.


Lemonade Shake Ups

Have you ever watched your drink being made from start to finish? Well, you can watch us select the perfect lemon, slice it, and use our air compressor to press and squeeze all the lemon juice into your cup. Then, we add sugar, ice, water, and if you desire a flavor, we have many different flavors to choose from. After that, we close the lid and shake, shake, shake until the magic happens! You can enjoy freshly made lemonade with every sip. We also offer Limeade shake-ups and our Cherry Limeades. Keep an eye out for some of our specialty lemonades like our famous Princess Peach and Shark Attack!


We are open to festivals, concerts, car shows, birthday parties, corporate events, auctions, flea markets, craft shows, school fundraisers and so much more! contact us today so we can start serving you!

Laura or Donald at 913-370-0706

Job Opportunity

In the near future, we plan to expand Alleyway Crafted Flavors to cover more events. Therefore, we are on the lookout for an individual with a creative mindset and a cheerful personality to assist us in serving the community.

Specialty Tea

We use brewed tea for our iced teas. You can order them unsweetened or southern sweet. One of our customer favorites is our Arnold Palmer, which we're told we make exactly how it should be. Just like with our lemonades, you can add any flavor to your teas. Another popular option is peach tea. During the fall and winter months, we add Hot Apple Cider from a local farmer and our crafted hot chocolates.


We offer a variety of snacks at our place, but one of our favorites is the soft butter pretzel. It goes perfectly with a cup of cheese. Additionally, we have cotton candy, and caramel apples, which are apple slices in a bowl with hot caramel to dip them in. We also offer candy as an add-on. Our new addition to the menu is kettle corn, which you can smell from a mile away. We are constantly striving to bring new and exciting flavors to our menu, so you can discover something new every time you visit us.

School Fundraisers

We provide schools with an excellent opportunity to earn money, whether it's for their prom or school trips. Get in touch with us today to start earning money for your school. We also can setup at games and give you a percentage of our total sales.

What Our Customers Say

Popcorn Fall

Princess Peach Lemon Shake-Up

This is the best Lemonade I ever had. they even put a peach ring on the straw and make you feel like your a princess! 
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